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Sustainable growth

Our mission is to generate sustainable economic growth by taking ESG aspects into consideration. We integrate ESG in all phases of our operations; from sourcing and pre-investment due diligence, through active ownership to exit.

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“ We are committed to continuous improvements in the area of sustainability and ESG, actually we consider it as “business as usual”, as an integrated part of our value creation mission. 

Thomas Ramsay, Grundare  

The companies

Our portfolio companies are key in creating long-term value through a business-driven sustainability work. Our portfolio companies Kiona (energy optimization) and Tradera (circular market platform) are two examples of successful companies that build their businesses on sustainability. We encourage all our portfolio companies to actively work on mitigating any ESG issues with principle adverse impact and take actions to comply with the Paris agreement.

Ceder Capital uses internationally recognized sustainability standards and frameworks, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and the UN Global Compact.

Durable investments

We do not invest in companies with significant negative ESG impacts without a realistic path to mitigate them. Ceder Capital does not make investments with adverse impacts on sustainability factors. We will work to establish data collection and reporting mechanisms to ensure transparency and comparability.

Our Responsible Investment and Owner Policy defines Ceder Capital´s investment method from the pre-investment phase, through ownership and exit. The policy establishes standards that we commit to in regard to ESG. Ceder Capital Responsible Investment and Owner Policy

“Our business-driven sustainability focus, documented according to international sustainability standards future-proof our portfolio companies and provides transparency on business risks and opportunities linked to ESG.” 

David Holm-Ovrén, Grundare 

Case study


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Case study


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