SoVent Group is the leading chimney sweeping and ventilation services company in Sweden. The initial platform was created when Ceder Capital backed the management teams of six chimney sweeping and ventilation services businesses in a merger in 2018. Since 2018, the Group has increased its geographical footprint in Sweden through 23 add-on acquisitions, HQ functions and an in-house academy. The driving force for the consolidation has been the consensus among the local entrepreneurs that with joint efforts, the group can develop its service offering, invest in digital tools, and improve customer service. Main services include mandatory ventilation control, ventilation cleaning, chimney sweeping and fire protection control.

Key stats


Chimney sweeping and ventilation services


38 offices in Sweden from Umeå in the north to Halmstad in the south


SEK 430m



Add-on acquisitions


Customer’s natural choice to ensure a safe and healthy indoor environment

Add On acquisitions

Åke Huss AB, Peter Sotare, Attunda Sot & Vent AB, Sot- och Ventilationstjänst i Västerås AB, JO Sotning AB, Sotningsväsendet i Gävle AB, Skorstensfejarna i Sandviken-Hofors AB, Örebro Sotarn AB, Skorstensfejarmästare Ulf Öberg AB, Sotarbolaget i Jämtland AB, Umeå Första Sotningsdistrikt Aktiebolag, Sotargruppen AB, Sundsvall Södra Sotningsdistrikt AB, Härjedalssotarn AB, Sollefteå Sotningsdistrikt AB, Norrteljesotarna AB, Sotar’n i Bergslagen, Hisingens Sotnings AB, Sotningstjänst i Väst, Lindesbergs Sotningsdistrikt AB, Varbergs sotningsdistrikt Dick Hållden AB, Halmstads Sotningsväsende Aktiebolag, Tranemo Sotning AB, Falkenbergs Sotningsdistrikt Aktiebolag, Sotarn i Mark Dick Hålldén AB, Ljungbysotaren AB, Sotarn i Hyltebruk (Halmstads Sotningsväsende AB), Mölndal-Härrydasotaren, Esklilstuna Sotnings AB, Kustsotarna i Hälsingland AB, Falköping Sotningsdistrikt AB, Götene & Skara Sotningsservice AB


Thomas Ramsay


Frederic Thunell

Frederic Thunell



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