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A team with extensive experience that creates value

Ceder Capital is a Swedish investment company that, together with management, invests in primarily Swedish and Finnish companies with a turnover of between SEK 50-500 million. Ceder Capital acts as an active support to company managements in implementing value-creating initiatives and additional acquisitions. Our experience is that investments in product development, sales and marketing with a focus on increased customer and staff satisfaction create value for all parties. We see a long term ESG work as a part to create values and decrease company risks.

At Ceder Capital, we have extensive experience from private equity, operational change and the financial markets from leading players such as ABN Amro Capital, EQT, IK Investment Partners, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. We have made more than 50 investments and in these we have gained experience from most industries. We respect that investment, risk-taking, mistakes and dedication are required to improve a company’s operational results.

Extensive network

Ceder Capital has an extensive network of advisers who, thanks to their relevant industrial and operational expertise, contribute to the value creation processes in our portfolio companies. The boards of our portfolio companies are supplemented with relevant individuals who work together with the management and Ceder Capital.

To ensure that Ceder Capital contributes to the companies’ development, we work primarily with people who understand smaller companies and have relevant industry experience.

What makes us unique


Clear corporate governance model —

Ceder Capital supports management in its value creation but is not directly involved in the operational work

Flexible investor —

Opportunity to be both majority and minority owner

Structured acquisition process —

Relevant advisors and consultants

Team with extensive investment experience —

From leading private equity organizations since the early innings of the industry

Open dialogue with management —

Transparent discussions based on mutual respect

Strong investor base —

Supported by world-leading international institutions, which is both a hallmark of quality and gives us large financial resources

Investment philosophy

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and respect the efforts required to build a company.
We are comfortable with several value creation strategies but are particularly attracted to fragmented industries with the possibility to consolidate.
To take it further, we have some cornerstones that define our investment philosophy:

  • Management and key people are owners with the same goals as us
  • Open dialogue with management – we discuss both pros and cons
  • Cost effectiveness at all levels of the organization
  • Top-class reporting with a focus on operational key figures
  • Product and service development with environment and endurance goals, ensures our competitiveness
  • The sales organization is a key resource
  • Excellent results will be rewarded with considerate ESG goals
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